Frequently Asked Questions

After 28 years in the tile and construction field, we know there are often many questions our clients have prior to beginning a job. Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What kind of tile should I get?

Tile comes in all different types, shapes, and sizes; for most residential installations 12” to 18” ceramic or porcelain are good choices. These are the most affordable in terms of both the tile and labor to install.

Ceramic tile has a clay body with a kiln fired ceramic glaze; it is the most affordable tile to purchase and very user friendly.

Porcelain tile is solid throughout and is valued for its extreme durability and ability to replicate any natural product like stone, slate, and wood planks.

Saltillo tile is a favorite look in the southwest; it is a natural product made from clay throughout, it is not kiln fired; therefore, it needs to be sealed manually, both the tile and the grout.

Travertine and other natural stones are cut from rock quarries so each piece is unique; this tile also needs to be sealed manually with a natural stone penetrating sealer.

How do I know how much tile I need?

Tile is sold by the square foot so you need to find the area of the room you want to tile. We generally add a five to seven percent overage to account for cuts and so you can have a “care package” of leftover tile when the job is completed.

How do I choose a grout color?

We usually suggest you choose a color as close as possible to your tile or a shade darker than the tile for the best overall effect; except for Saltillo tile where the traditional grout color is natural gray.

Do I need to seal the grout?

We recommend sealing your new grout on ceramic and porcelain tile installations; because these tiles are kiln fired, they do not need to be sealed. You will need at least two coats of penetrating grout sealer and this sealer will need to be reapplied whenever you feel it is necessary, especially in heavily used areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

I have a tub enclosure that I would like to change into a shower, can you do that?

We can remove your old tub and tile, re-route the plumbing as necessary, fabricate and install a shower floor, rebuild the walls and tile it all with your choice of tile. We can customize your shower with a tile bench, ceramic shampoo/soap corner caddies, custom built niches, and handicap rails.


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